Modern Sofa Set Designs

Modern Sofa Set Designs

Find Your Favorite Sofa Set Designs At IKONHOME!

Your hall is where you spend the most time at your home, be it quality family time, entertaining friends, or enjoying some alone time watching your favorite match, movie, or TV show. All the more reason why picking the right sofa set design is very important.

Before Buying A Sofa Set, Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Is the sofa set big enough to accommodate your family members?
  • Is it comfortable enough for everyone to spend the evening on?
  • Do the color and style match the rest of your home decor?

With so many options for modern sofa sets and the latest sofa set designs, it may be confusing to decide on one that suits all your needs. Sofa set online shopping is simple, if only you do it the right way.

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when you buy a sofa set online. The first step is to measure the space available in your living room to accommodate the sofa set. Bring out your measuring tape and take accurate measurements of the area, the height, and space you have available. Once you’ve determined the size of the sofa set you need, discuss with your family to decide what sofa set designs may be right for your needs: fabric sofaswooden sofasleather sofas or leatherette sofas? With soft cushions or firm cushions or no cushions at all? What sofa set model works: classic or modern? Also, decide on a sofa set price range that works for you.

Sofa Sets By Type of Wood: Sheesham Wood – Malabar Sofa Sets | Rubber Wood – Rubik Sofa Sets

Here Are The Different Types Of Sofa Sets Available At IKONHOME:

L-shaped Sofa Sets

Chosen right, a sectional sofa (often referred to as an ‘L shaped sofa set’) may be the only seating you need for your living room, because it efficiently makes use of a corner, giving you extra space and eliminating the need for a second sofa set.

Wooden Sofa Sets

If you want old world charm and new age comfort, a wooden sofa sets with an upholstered seat is your best bet. They’re classy and comfortable at the same time.

Sofa cum Beds

Sofa cum beds are smart, versatile choices for urban homes where space is at a premium. Use sofa beds as an alternative to your regular sofa, as additional seating, or as a bed when you have guests staying overnight.

Fabric Sofa Sets

Fabric sofa sets are a charming addition to your space. Mix and match one, two and three seater fabric sofa sets to suit your living space. Upholstered in premium quality fabric, our fabric sofa sets are available in different colours, designs and sizes.

Leather Sofa Sets

Add luxury to your décor with leather sofas from Urban Ladder. Go for leather sofa sets in muted colours for a sophisticated look. Give a cosy warmth to the room with plush, overstuffed 2 seater leather sofa sets.

Leatherette Sofa Sets

Add charm to your modern decor with leatherette sofa sets. Stylish and durable, these leatherette sofa sets are sure to lend a luxurious look to your home.

Recliner Sofa Sets

Who says a recliner is just for one? Explore our range of two and three seater recliner sofa sets – and make sure everyone has a favourite spot.


If you’re short on space in your living room, loveseats are a great option because they’re compact, and made for two. At Urban Ladder, we have loveseats with brightly coloured upholstery and aesthetic design for a modern look, and loveseats in muted shades for a classic look.


Futons are just what you need for a cool, contemporary lounging space. A futon style sofa bed transforms easily from seater to sleeper and includes a chic, comfy mattress with a removable cover.


Be it weeknights or Sundays, rejuvenate on our elegant, comfy divans and day beds. Perfect for a nap, these divan beds make a great substitute for regular beds in your guest room.

If you’re looking for the perfect sofa set for your living room, we have hundreds of options for you at Urban Ladder. You can even Build Your Own Sofa by choosing the style, cushion firmness and fabric colour of your choice. Explore sofa sets on urbanladder.com today!

Buy Sofa Set Designs At IKONHOME

Every sofa set has a story to tell. It is a witness to the memories that you build over time. That’s how they become an integral part of your life even without your realizing it. Be it the nail-biting cricket matches that you watched with your friends or the time you stayed up all night binge-watching movies, these latest sofa set stay with you through it all.

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